Written or graphic plans and specifications designed where revegetation or restoration of environmentally sensitive areas is required. Complete site evaluations, documentation of species and condition, propagation and restoration plans, and short- or long-term management provided. Vegetation analysis of existing plant species for preservation, revegetation, or management planning. Specifications for erosion control and slope protection.


  • Documentation of Existing Plant and Tree Species - Evaluate and catalog existing native or exotic plant and tree species.
  • Revegetation and Restoration Plans - Prepare written and/or graphic plans for the revegetation or restoration of a defined area. Provide specifications for species selection, placement, harvesting of site-specific propagules, propagation techniques, soil and container specifications, planting method, timing of planning, predator protection, and maintenance procedures.
  • Protection of Endemic Species during Development - Provide protection and preservation specifications during development. Supervise and verify preservation during construction activities.
  • Administration and Supervision of Revegetation Projects - Administer the propagation, installation, or maintenance of a re-vegetated or restored area. Verify procedures, monitor personnel, document performance of vegetation.
  • Supervision and Documentation of Long-Term Maintenance - All required maintenance activities are provided in both written and chart format. Chart formats provide easy reference on a monthly basis for verification by property or site managers.
  • Erosion Control Specifications - Specifications for erosion control by seeding, hydro-seeding, woody plant installation, or mechanical slope protection techniques.