Landscape Water Management

The efficient management of irrigation water has the potential to dramatically reduce water costs and maximize plant health. As the cost of water continues to increase, qualified management of all irrigated areas becomes critically important.

Our site-specific water audits and evaluations are designed to minimize landscape water use by first determining the optimum volume of water required for the climate, soil type, and plant species present. An evaluation of the irrigation system is followed by recommendations for modifications to application frequency, irrigation system components, and landscape design.

  • Evaluation of Current Water Use and Existing Delivery System - Review existing site conditions with project manage to verify monthly and annual water usage. Review irrigation delivery system and controller function.
  • Analysis of Landscape Condition, Plant Species, and Climatic Conditions - Review age and condition of landscape plants, percentage of project planted in turf, and investigate typical climatic conditions. Develop initial recommendations based on existing conditions.
  • Audit Existing Delivery System - As determined by a thorough site analysis, perform an in-field water audit to determine actual water use in each landscaped area. Used in conjunction with field data to formulate irrigation scheduling and system modifications.
  • Recommend Modified Irrigation Scheduling - Provide a recommended frequency and duration by time-of-year irrigation schedule, developed to conserve water and optimize plant growth.
  • Recommend Revision of Irrigation Components - Recommend cost-effective revisions for irrigation system components to minimize water use.
  • Landscape Design Revisions - Recommend cost-effective revisions for shrub and turf species in coordination with irrigation component and scheduling modifications.