Landscape Problem Analysis

  • Review of Irrigation Management - Improper irrigation scheduling is the source of many landscape performance problems. Evaluation of soil moisture content, root growth, drainage characteristics, and plant selection in relation to irrigation management will provide alternative scheduling regimes to optimize plant growth and performance.
  • Analysis of Maintenance Procedures - Evaluate current maintenance procedures to determine whether they are appropriate for the site conditions and plant selections present. Determine where maintenance procedures are inadequate or where they may be the cause of performance problems.
  • Review of Design and Installation Procedures - Review plant selections for compatibility with site conditions. Evaluate the effect of installation procedures on plant health or performance.
  • Pest and Disease Evaluation - Evaluate pest or disease problems and provide integrated approaches to their management. Investigate cultural conditions promoting pest or disease incidence.
  • Review of Existing Specifications - Review maintenance specifications to determine whether they are appropriate and provide recommendations for modification, where necessary.