Landscape Management Manuals

A performance-oriented Landscape Management Manual defines all procedures required as part of a maintenance contract. Based on actual site conditions and the plant species present, the manual is intended to specify and direct landscape operations, including the original designer’s intent for both general and specific planting function. If utilized during the bidding process, it will generate accurate, competitive bids, based on the level of performance and procedures specified. A Landscape Management Manual is also an effective tool to enhance aesthetics, reduce costs, and protect the substantial investment represented by an established, attractive landscape.

  • Equitable Bid Evaluation - The frequency and quality of all maintenance functions are clearly defined so all contractors bid on identical scope of services. Eliminates cost-cutting through reducing level of service.
  • Establishes a Continuous, Long-Term Maintenance Program - Clearly defined maintenance procedures are continued from year to year, regardless of the contractor present. This provides continuity of service and appearance.
  • Verification of Contract Performance - Well-documented procedures allow the property manager to verify the quality of field work against the defined scope of service. Activity schedules allow verification of work completed.
  • Effective Tool in Projecting Costs for Maintenance Budgets - Documentation of cost for service provides accurate cost projections over the long term. A Landscape Management Manual is also an effective tool for monitoring costs.
  • Schedules and Formats for Activity Documentation - All required maintenance activities are provided in both written and chart format. Chart formats provide easy reference on a monthly basis for verification by property or site managers.
  • Pesticide and Herbicide Documentation - Reporting format requires the documentation of all pesticide and herbicide use by name, rate, date applied, and area covered. This is necessary information should future problems occur.