Growing Contracts

Plant-purchasing services are provided for locating and reserving unusual species, specimen sizes, and large volumes of plant materials.  Experienced purchasing from reputable wholesalers guarantees the best in quality and pricing, as well as the most dependable service.  In addition to purchasing services, growing contracts can be set up and administrated from canning to delivery.  Establishment and administration of growing contracts ensure availability, size, and quality of plant materials at time of delivery.  Growing contracts generally reduce project costs while protecting project quality.


  • Container Plant-Purchasing Services - Based on many years’ experience in the wholesale nursery industry, we can locate and purchase a wide variety of container stock for your projects. Knowledgeable purchasing includes familiarity with reputable wholesale growers throughout the Western states for the lowest pricing and best quality.
  • Field-Grown Plant-Purchasing Contracts - Location of a wide variety of field-grown stock, including bare root and ball/burlap. Purchasing field-grown stock can reduce the cost of plant material and increase overall size.
  • Inspect and Select Plant Material - Inspect and select both container and field-grown stock for conformance to size or quality specifications. Inspections for root quality, shifting quality, or other specific conditions.
  • Establish Growing Contracts - Organize and establish growing contracts, based on project requirements and timing. Locate or select shifting stock, monitor canning, and specify pruning techniques.
  • Administrate Growing or Purchasing Contracts - Monitor growth and health of plants included in a growing or purchasing contract. Verify condition on a regular basis to ensure delivery in a specified condition or size. Monitor and recommend changes in cultural conditions to meet specifications.